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Sinopharm and Gilead Sciences Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Expand Accessibility of Chronic Hepatitis B Treatment

08 Sep 2020

(8 September 2020 - Hong Kong) Sinopharm Group Co., Ltd. (“Sinopharm” or the “Company”, stock code: 1099.HK), the largest wholesaler and retailer of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products in the PRC and a leading supplier of supply chain services, is pleased to announce that the Company and Gilead Sciences duly signed the Mainland China Regional Promotion Services Agreement on 8 September of this year in relation to Vemlidy (TAF, tenofovir alafenamide 25mg), the global innovative treatment against Hepatitis B. Both parties will make full use of their respective advantages in pharmaceutical innovation, market development, distribution channel and retail management to comprehensively improve the accessibility of the innovative chronic Hepatitis B drug Veride to Chinese patients.

Photo Caption: Sinopharm and Gilead Sciences Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Expand Accessibility of Chronic Hepatitis B Treatment

Chronic Hepatitis B is a potentially life-threatening liver infection caused by the Hepatitis B virus. Currently, China is one of the countries with big disease burden of Hepatitis B in the world. In 2018, Vemlidy, an innovative treatment of Gilead Sciences, was officially launched in China. It was the only innovative oral anti-viral treatment against chronic Hepatitis B approved in the PRC in the past five years, bringing a new treatment option to a number of chronic Hepatitis B patients. By the end of 2019, Vemlidy was included in the National Reimbursement Drug List (NRDL) to benefit more Hepatitis B patients in the country.

With its leading position in the pharmaceutical distribution industry and its extensive pharmaceutical marketing network and strong market service capabilities, Sinopharm has become a leading service provider in the PRC pharmaceutical business. According to the cooperation agreement, Sinopharm will rely on its comprehensive distribution network layout, strong channel management capabilities, and professional marketing team and services to further improve the accessibility of Vemlidy, especially in the lower tier cities, helping more patients with chronic Hepatitis B to improve their quality of life, and return to normal life.

Rogers Luo, Vice President & China General Manager, Gilead Sciences, said, “Gilead visions a world without viral hepatitis. Since the start of China business operations in 2017, we have introduced eight innovative therapeutics and been consistently working to increase access through NRDL listing and by working with various partners. With the strong network & coverage from Sinopharm in broad markets, I believe this collaboration will help more patients in need to improve their treatment.”

Photo Caption: Sinopharm and Gilead Sciences Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Expand Accessibility of Chronic Hepatitis B Treatment - Rogers Luo, Vice President & China General Manager, Gilead Sciences

Jacopo Andreose, Senior Vice President, Intercontinental, Gilead Sciences, said, “Gilead is committed to improving people’s health in China and globally. In addition to our efforts in developing innovative treatments, we actively work with strategic partners to deliver our medicines to patients in need. The cooperation with Sinopharm is a good example. As we continue to bring in innovative medicines, we expect to work closely with like-minded partners in the future to help drive the improvement of patient care and public health.”

Mr. Liu Yong, president of Sinopharm, said, “Since Gilead Sciences entered China, the two parties have carried out a series of cooperation on import distributors for anti-virus-related products. The signing of the agreement today opens a new chapter of strategic cooperation. We will take fully advantages of brand, channels, networks and etc., and continuously expand the terminal medical coverage of Vemlidy, so that more Hepatitis B patients in China will benefit. In the future, we hope that both parties will further cooperate with each other, make joint research on the market as well as the policies, promote innovation jointly, meet the growing health needs of the people and contribute to the development of China's medical and health industry. The promotion cooperation also reaffirmed Sinopharm’s strong marketing network and channel coverage, symbolizing another milestone in the Company’s efforts to strengthen its supply chain service system. Promotional services are an important development direction of the Company in the next stage. With our continuous efforts to enhance the service capabilities, we will be aiming to further transform and upgrade Sinopharm to a leading healthcare service provider.”